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TOUGH, Fresno's #1 Homicide Prosecutor
Dedicated to Public Service & Public Safety
A Proven 98% Conviction Record
Stop the Revolving Door at the Jail
Committed to public safety, I ask for your vote for Superior Court Judge

Did you know that Lisa is a farmer's daughter? In fact, she now operates her late father's farm in Selma. Lisa knows what it's like to run a small business. She understands how theft crimes deeply impact small businesses. She takes this stuff seriously. That's why Fresno County small business leaders want Lisa to be our next Superior Court Judge. GO GAMOIAN!!!
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I am the Chief Deputy District Attorney specially assigned to prosecute the most violent and dangerous criminals in Fresno County. I have proudly served you in that capacity for 25 years and have a 98% conviction rate.

I am committed to our public safety.

I will work to stop the “revolving door” at the jail that releases an average of 50 criminals a day back onto our streets. I have the right experience to dispense the tough and fair justice we the people of Fresno County deserve.

I have more courtroom and civil experience than anyone else running. I would appreciate your support.

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Endorsed by the Fresno Police Officers' Association

Lisa already has over 160 endorsements and recommendations from people and organizations you know and respect: FRESNO COUNTY SHERIFF MARGARET MIMS, FRESNO POLICE OFFICERS' ASSOCIATION (FPOA), FRESNO DEPUTY SHERIFF'S ASSOCIATION (FDSA), FRESNO COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY INVESTIGATORS ASSOCIATION (BOC), FRESNO COUNTY PROSECUTORS' ASSOCIATION (FCPA), PEACE OFFICERS RESEARCH ASSOCIATION of CALIFORNIA (PORAC), FRESNO SHERIFF'S SERGEANTS ASSOCIATION (FSSA), U.S. Congressman Devin Nunes, Governor of California George Deukmejian (Ret.), Fresno County Sheriff Steve Magarian (Ret.), Coalinga Chief Cal Minor, Selma Police Chief Greg Garner, Sanger Police Chief Silver Rodriguez, Firebaugh Police Chief Elsa Lopez, Assemblyman Henry T. Perea, Fresno County Supervisor Phil Larson, Fresno County Supervisor Henry Perea Sr., Fresno County Supervisor Judy Case, Fresno County Supervisor Debbie Poochigian, Fresno County Assessor Paul Dictos, Fresno City Councilman Sal Quintero, Fresno City Councilman Clint Olivier, Superintendent of Schools Larry Powell (Ret.), Fresno County School Board Trustee Luis Chavez, Parlier Mayor Armando Lopez, Orange Cove Mayor Victor Lopez, Clovis City Council Member Robert Whalen, Clovis City Council Member Jose Flores, Judge Alvin Harell III, Judge Jon N. Kapetan, Judge Kristi Culver Kapetan. Valerie Davis, Fresno Unified School Board, Dottie Smith, State Center Community College Board, Linzie L. Daniels, Chairman Community Medical Centers, Todd Suntrapak, President Children’s Hospital, David J. Nalchalgian, Foundation Board Children’s Hospital, Rob Saroyan, Vice-President Children’s Hospital, Berj Apkarian, Vice-President Community Medical Center, James E. Aldredge, Fresno City Manager (Ret.), Lincoln Club of Fresno of Fresno County, Manual Cunha, President Nisei Farmers League, Central California Latino Political Action Committee...
Over 160 endorsements and recommendations from local people and organizations you know and respect...
Fresno Police Officer's Association
Fresno Deputy Sheriff's Association
Peace Officers Research Association of California
Fresno County Police Chief's
Chief Cal Minor, Coalinga Police Department
Chief Greg Garner, Selma Police Department
Chief Silver Rodriguez, Sanger Police Department
Chief Elsa Lopez, Firebaugh Police Department
Sheriff Steve Magarian (Ret.)
Valley Law Enforcement
Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims
Fresno County Prosecutors' Association (FCPA)
Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC)
Fresno County District Attorney Investigators (BOI)
Fresno Sheriff's Sergeants Association (FSSA)
Valley Community Leaders
Henry T. Perea, Assemblyman
Henry Perea Sr., Fresno County Supervisor
Judy Case, Fresno County Supervisor
Debbie Poochigian, Fresno County Supervisor
Paul Dictos, Fresno County Assessor
Larry Powell, Superintendent of Schools (Ret.)
Valley Mayors & Fresno Schools
Luis Chavez, Fresno County School Board
Mayor Armando Lopez, City of Parlier
Mayor Victor Lopez, City of Orange Cove
Robert Whalen, Clovis City Council
Fresno Superior Court Judges
Judge Alvin M. Harrell III
Judge Jon N. Kapetan
Judge James Kelley
Judge Dennis A. Peterson
Judge Kristi Culver Kapetan
Judge Houry Sanderson
Judge Timothy Kams
Local Fresno Attorney's
Peter Kapetan, Attorney at Law
Marc Kapetan, Attorney at Law
Warren R. Paboojian, Attorney at Law
Eddie Ruiz, Attorney at Law
Leon E. Tirapelle, Attorney at Law
Fresno Business Leaders
Edward M. Kashian, Businessman
Sal Gonzales, COO Lance-Kashian & Co.
Berj Apkarian, Businessman
Larry Fortune, Fortune Realty
Clinton Howe, Businessman
Fresno County Farmers
Nisei Farmers League
Bill & Carol Chandler, Chandler Farms
Manuel Cunha, Valley Farmer
Phillip Parnegian, Fowler Packing and Bee-Sweet Fruit
Mark Melkonian, California Fruit Company
Fresno Business Leaders
Mike Tolladay, Businessman
George & Karen Daoudian
Mark Borba, Farmer & Businessman
Eddie Arakelian, Businessman
Rob Saroyan, Vice-President Valley Childrens Hospital
Tal Cloud, Businessman
Sheriff Margaret Mims
Fresno County Sheriff
Larry Powell
Superintendent of Schools (Ret.)
Hon. Judy Case
Fresno County Supervisor
Sheriff Steve Magarlan
Fresno County Sheriff's Dept. (Ret.)
Chief Cal Minor
Coalinga Police Department
Chief Greg Garner
Selma Police Department
Hon. Debbie Poochigian
Fresno County Supervisor
Chief Silverio Rodriguez
Sanger Police Department
Hon. Luis Chavez
Fresno County School Board
Hon. Jose Flores
Clovis City Council
Hon. Henry Perea
Fresno County Supervisor
Hon. Henry T. Perea
Paul Dictos
Fresno County Assessor
Hon. Robert Whalen
Clovis City Council
Stop the Revolving Door at the Jail...
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That releases an average of 1,500 criminals per month back onto our streets. 
Fresno Bee Wesson Found Guilty
Gamoian Certificate of Recognition for Lisa Gamoian
Lisa Gamoian Outstanding Prosecutor of the Year
Fresno Mayor Alan Autry Congratulates Lisa Gamoian
Lisa Gamoian named California District Attorneys Association Prosecutor of the Year
I am committed to keeping criminals off the streets, in jail and out of our Fresno community. My continued thanks to all of you who support my campaign.
Lisa Gamoian
You were the prosecutor for our case and worked so hard to seek justice. We will be forever grateful to you. I am glad to see that you are running for Judge, you rightfully deserve it.
A message to Lisa from Delia H.
We will never forget your leadership and determination focused to find justice for our daughter during her darkest hour, and are forever grateful. How do we get involved in your campaign? Do you have a location to pick up posters and material? How do we donate?
A message to Lisa from Karen F.
We believe Gamoian would be a valuable addition to the Fresno County Superior Court bench and would work hard to fulfill her campaign promise of ending the "revolving door" of early release inmates at the jail.
Fresno Bee Editorial Board